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True Visionaries

“The Summerhill-Rosedale community has long been one of my favourites in Toronto. When the opportunity arose to reinvent this superb site, and to contribute in some meaningful way to the neighbourhood, my guiding vision was to craft condominiums that respond vividly to the area’s highly refined sense of design.

I wanted to reflect and hopefully enhance the spirit of the community.A balance of refinement and discretion has guided the design of every residence – each with a true penthouse feel, very much in keeping with the sensibilities and pride of the community. Hill and Dale is imagined with the local resident in mind, as well as those who have always dreamed of living here.”

first team member

Michael Dobrijevic
Old Stonehenge Development

Michael Dobrijevic founded Old Stonehenge Development over seven years ago, also acting as Chief Investment Officer at Trinity Development Group. With over twenty years of extensive experience in real estate, he has held senior executive positions at some of Canada’s most prominent real estate companies. This experience has honed his ability to recognize fantastic city building opportunities, and Hill and Dale is no exception.

Second team member

KC Daya
Clifton Blake

“We wanted to let people experience this corner of Yonge Street in a new way. The architecture is inspired by the rhythm of intimate storefronts that invigorate the street. We love all the opportunities this building has to engage the city, while maintaining the privacy and exclusivity as an urban retreat in the sky.”

Sue Jean Chung and Jaegap Chung
Studio JCI

Studio JCI is founded on the desire to produce good work, test creative ideas, and construct buildings that give them a sense of pride. They bring about positive change and transformation through architecture, creating projects that embrace their local context and regional identity. Working within an open and collaborative studio, they believe that cultivating a team dynamic with clients, designers, and builders is as critical to the success of their projects as the strategies used to design them.

“We love the dynamic tension between the sleek city and lush ravine.
We’ve translated this into interior design elements like the lobby’s raindrop chandelier,
eggplant leather panelling, and rough natural stone reception desk and floors.
Hill and Dale has an enviable organic sophistication.”

interior design

Boris Mathius
Chapi Chapo Design

Chapi Chapo Design is a boutique interior design firm specialized in high-end international design. Inspired by the French cartoon from the seventies of the same name, the interdisciplinary studio wildly exercises its imagination. Multinational interior designers, architects, graphic designers, and industrial designers collaborate on local and international projects, bringing a European sensibility to the firm’s work.

“In a time when there’s such fascination with tall buildings, I’m immensely proud of
Hill and Dale’s modest size. It’s a graceful building, with a strong sense of place,
perfectly proportioned to play an important part in this outstanding neighbourhood.”

Paul Johnston
Unique Urban Homes

Unique Urban Homes represents properties and developments of consequence: unique by virtue of their style and design. They believe urban space matters, and as such specialize in great spaces that make Toronto a more exciting and engaging place to live. Working closely with like-minded modern home owners and developers, their aim is to continue to promote the type of architecture and design that elevates the experience of living, while enhancing the very quality of design throughout the city.